Reins in Motion partners with The Taylor Family Foundation's Camp Arroyo throughout the year, bringing horses to their camps to provide a riding experience or simple grooming and horse companionship.  We lead the children on mini trail rides around a beautiful grass field surrounded by wooded hills.  Many of the children at Camp have life threatening issues. These children, because of their conditions, may have never seen or touched a horse or even attended a camp.  Camp is set up to provide a safe environment for the children who have no other place to experience things that many children take for granted.  For some it is the only camp in the USA that will accommodate them.  We are so thrilled to be a part of this experience.  

"Camp Arroyo is a unique camp experience, where kids with special needs are free to just be kids. No conforming, no hiding, no being singled out as “different.” Camp Arroyo provides a safe, nurturing environment, filled with positive energy and support. It’s a place where kids are surrounded by children with similar conditions, and where individuality is not taboo, but celebrated."  (