Reins for Heroes

Contact your VA representative to see if you are eligible to join our group class!  

The sessions are 8 weeks long, every Friday morning for two hours.  

During the course of those 8 weeks, you learn not only the basics of riding, but also how to care for horses.  You are taught how to groom, bathe, tack, and play with horses!  And you get to connect with other veterans at the same time.  

Horses just want to be cared for and loved.  They teach you how to trust.  Something as simple as watching them play in the pasture can be such a transformative experience.  You learn how to listen to what they are communicating.  How to be soothing when the horses are nervous.  Many veterans say they experience benefits in other parts of their daily lives, having gone through the program, and connected not just with the horses, but the VA therapists, teachers, and volunteers as well.