Sponsor a gala, one of of program horses, or a specific individual!  

Have a favorite horse?  Spoil it rotten and pay for half or all of it's room and board. 

Want to host a fundraiser at your restaurant or winery?  Reach out to us and we would be honored to be hosted by you.  

Already know someone in the program and want to pay their way?  Or perhaps you'd like to create a scholarship? 

Any and all help is welcome!  


Or contact Katy Kempton, 925-518-7558, info@reinsinmotionca.com

Thank you so much for your generosity.  


Big thank you to Rikki Murphy who sponsors half of Harry's room & board each month!  The horses love having one individual in particular dote on them, and Harry certainly gets special carrot treatment.  Thank you, Rikki!