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Please call for more information 925-518-7558 Katy Kempton



Volunteers can engage in any number of the following activities:

  • Grooming the horses and tacking them up for lessons
  • Side-walking next to the children in lessons
  • Helping with fundraisers, grant-writing, social media management, etc
  • General horse care such as lunging, bathing, and walking the horses to the pasture
  • Cleaning the tack room, toys, and helmets
  • Stall retrofitting including board repair, mulch shoveling, and painting 
  • Water trough cleaning
  • Paddock repairs
  • Carpentry- creation of blanket holders
  • Mulching of stalls
  • Truck & trailer maintenance
  • Reparations of tack

Let us know your druthers and experience and we're sure to find a place for you!